Monday, June 23, 2008

Well, what would you do?




When driving down the hwy, looking at a very long ride, because it's late in the day heading back into the Twin Cities Metro area and there's tons of traffic?

Me too...see....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

cyd trying to remember what she needs for the art show

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


So... our neighbors think Cyd and I are a couple.

I have no idea where they would come up with that. I mean we're just two girls who are renting the same house. We do everyday normal things, and what I mean by that's not like we've made out in front of them or anything..

Cyd and I decided to spend the night in.

Ya know... just hang out at home and watch a movie... like normal people.

Except of course we watch movies on my computer that I download from Itunes.. the bedroom. our beds

... which are side by side in the same room (Cyd's scared of mice and I'm scared of spiders, don't ask, it just works)

....with a great bottle of wine

.... and candle light

.... and cheese, crackers and strawberries,

....and chocolate

Ya know... like normalpeople.

So we have our movie night all set up, and are in tank tops and undies, and the doorbell rings.

We look at each other with the "Should we actually answer the door" face.

"Oh Shit! That's the neighbor, he borrowed some ground ginger before you got home, he's probably returning it!"

"Oh great! They already think we're a couple, now the house is candle lit, we're both upstairs which I'm sure they saw and heard through the open window, and I'm hurrying to get clothes back on before I answer the door!" Cyd says through laughter while jumping on one leg struggling to get her jeans back on.

Of course this makes me laugh, and we all know, my laugh is not a quiet one, as she heads off downstairs to collect the borrowed spice.

And then I hear.... in a very over exaggerated casual voice... which actually made it sound more like I'm guilty, of everything you might be thinking about me right now, completely guilty... "HI! I was just downstairs doing laundry!"

Now, since I was upstairs still in bed snickering at her high pitched attempt at being casual, I didn't hear what was said in return.... but I started laughing again, I just couldn't help it.

Cyd returns upstairs talking loudly so I can hear her from downstairs and over the noise of the fan... "Oh my God! It had to be the little boy! He was stillout there, he waited the whole time it took to get my clothes back on!"

To which I replied by pointing at the open window and tears of laughter. By the horrified look on Cyds face she just realized he probably just heard that.

Which of course makes me laugh harder, and start having to catch my breath through it all, and I start repeating over and over "Oh god... (heavy breathing) OH GOD!! Oh my god.. oh... OH.... GOD!!!!!"

Which in turn makes Cyd say "Oh God!!! OH. MY. GOD." also through laughter so hard the laugh part is not coming out it's just silent... big breath... and the words... "Oh MY GOD!"

So... like I said....Ya know... just hanging out at home and watching a movie... like normal people.

Where would they come up with that idea?

Damn.. one of is going to have to start dating again!

Monday, June 02, 2008

It's the rain I think...

I'm thinking about you again.

The way you touch me.

I can't stop thinking about you in fact.
I can't stop thinking about your touch.

I see your hands, as they move across my body, and my memory senses the touch as my body reacts.


You with the touch I crave, the look that melts me, the laughter that frees me.

You with the lips I want to taste, the arms I long to wrap around me, with the soul that embraces my own.


Are not here.

Yet, here, is where I am.


Most of the time, the waiting is not difficult, I will not settle for an imitation.

But today?

Today... every cell in my body seems to remember you.

You, who I have not met here...yet.